How to thrive in nursing school without it taking over your life!

You’ve probably heard that nursing school is nearly impossible, that you’ll be lucky to “just pass,” and that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed 24/7.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In this free on-demand video, I’m dispelling some common myths about nursing school so you don’t have to start your program full of anxiety and fear. 


In this free video, I’m sharing three secrets of nursing school success that don’t involve pulling all-nighters, cramming for exams, or neglecting the people and things that bring you joy.

Secret #1

What NOT to do before nursing school starts if you want to begin your program ahead of the game.

Spoiler: It’s a huge waste of time and keeps you from things that WILL make a difference!

Secret #2

The real way to thrive in nursing school and pass your classes without the constant stress or always feeling overwhelmed.

Spoiler: It doesn’t involve studying 24/7...I wouldn't do that to you!

Secret #3

The best way to study and why you can’t rely on the study methods you used in your prerequesites for nursing school.

Spoiler: You need to actually study like a nurse!

Hi there!

I’m Maureen, but my students call me “Nurse Mo.” I’m a nurse, educator, podcastor and founder of Straight A Nursing. I’ve been a nurse for more than 10 years and have helped thousands of students thrive in nursing school. 

I created Straight A Nursing because I remember what it felt like to be excited about school but also a little bit scared. When I started my program, I knew I wanted to have a positive experience…after all, I’d worked so hard for this dream! No way was I going to let anxiety, stress and fear steal my joy!

And once I “cracked the code” on what it takes to thrive in nursing school, I never looked back. I refused to pull all-nighters (because I didn’t have to), I still took time for a bit of self-care, and I graduated at the top of my class with a 4.0 GPA. 

Since then I’ve refined my systems, identified what truly sets nursing students up for success, and put it together for you in an easy-to-follow roadmap. 

So now that we’ve met, welcome to my world! You’re no longer going through nursing school alone. 💕

This free video is for you if...
  • You’re a new student getting ready to start your program and you don’t want your experience to resemble the horror stories you hear so much about.
  • You’re a current student who’s struggled in the past and is determined to have a better nursing school experience.

So if you’re worried about school or struggled in the past, I want you to know it’s not your fault.

There’s so much negative information about nursing school out there, that it's almost impossible to believe your experience could be different. But it can.