Want to get through nursing school without it taking over your life?

Get the proven roadmap that has helped thousands of students take control and thrive in nursing school without constantly struggling or feeling overwhelmed.

Isn't struggling in nursing school inevitable?

For some people, it absolutely is.

Most students believe that getting through nursing school means pulling all-nighters, cramming for exams and constantly feeling massive amounts of stress. 

But this isn’t actually true. In fact, adopting this mindset is the absolute best way to guarantee that you will struggle.

Because when you accept defeat before nursing school even starts, you give away all your power and any chance of having a different nursing school experience.

You don’t have to do nursing school this way. 

The truth is, students who thrive in nursing school, plan to thrive in nursing school. And students who expect that struggling is inevitable, prove themselves right every single time. 

But you want something different, and you believe it's possible. You're just not sure how.


Hi there!

I’m Maureen, but my students call me “Nurse Mo.” I’m a nurse, educator, podcastor and founder of Straight A Nursing. I’ve been a nurse for more than 10 years and have helped thousands of students thrive in nursing school. 

I created Straight A Nursing because I remember what it felt like to be excited about school but also a little bit scared. When I started my program, I knew I wanted to have a positive experience…after all, I’d worked so hard for this dream! No way was I going to let anxiety, stress and fear steal my joy!

And once I “cracked the code” on what it takes to thrive in nursing school, I never looked back. I refused to pull all-nighters (because I didn’t have to), I took time for a bit of self-care, and I graduated at the top of my class with a 4.0 GPA. 

Since then I’ve refined my systems, identified what truly sets nursing students up for success, and put it together for you in an easy-to-follow roadmap. 

So now that we’ve met, welcome to my world! You’re no longer going through nursing school alone đź’•


Crucial Concepts Bootcamp

Get on the proven path to nursing school success.

Here's what's inside:


Prep Like a Nurse

This is where you’ll learn how to navigate the program, where to find the many downloadable study guides and reference sheets, and learn a bit more about me and my nursing journey.


Talk Like a Nurse

Learn medical jargon, abbreviations, how to call doctors with your concerns, and give end-of-shift report so you can communicate with confidence starting on your first clinical day.


Think Like a Nurse

In this module you’ll learn about clinical judgment, nursing diagnoses, and the nursing process so you can understand how to think like a nurse on exams and when working with patients.


Act Like a Nurse

Learn how to interpret vital signs, how to structure a care plan, and you’ll get the inside scoop on what first semester clinicals are like so you can walk into the hospital feeling confident and ready to learn!


Calculate Like a Nurse

This module teaches you how to do dosage calculations with total accuracy so you can pass this do-or-die exam with absolute confidence.


Learn Like a Nurse

Learn how to streamline your studying so you can study more efficiency and focus on the most important things you need to know.


Think Like a Nurse

Learn how to tackle NCLEX style exam questions so you can avoid feeling lost during exams or like you’re guessing all the time. Includes NGN formats!


Review Like a Nurse

A review of the most important A&P concepts means you can rely on your foundation knowledge to learn new concepts without having to waste time memorizing mountains of new information.


Organize Like a Nurse

Learn how to set up your organizational systems and plan your schedule so that no matter how busy nursing school is, you’ll always know how you’re going to get everything done.


Write Like a Nurse

Learn how to find scholarly articles, structure your papers, and manage your bibliography for easy APA formatting so that you can set your writing fears aside and complete your assignments quickly.



Office Hours Archive

Get access to the Office Hours Archive where I answer every conceivable question about nursing school and provide bonus lessons!

Included with enrollment

Med Surg Study Guide

Get a free 94-page Med Surg Study Guide when you share your love of Bootcamp on social media! Details sent with your welcome email.

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So What's All of This Worth?

  • Bootcamp video lessons, workbooks and references sheets - $83 
  • Office Hours Archive - $20
  • Med Surg Study Guide with social share - $30

Total Value: $133 

But that's definitely not what you'll pay!

Crucial Concepts Bootcamp


One Payment

  • On-demand video library
  • Downloadable study guides and reference materials
  • Private Facebook group
  • Mobile app for on-the-go studying
  • BONUS lessons in the Office Hours Archive

Crucial Concepts Bootcamp

$83 w/AfterPay

4 Payments + Afterpay Fees

  • On-demand video library
  • Downloadable study guides and reference materials
  • Private Facebook group
  • Mobile app for on-the-go studying
  • BONUS lessons in the Office Hours Archive
So, who is Bootcamp for anyway?
Bootcamp is FOR YOU if...
  • You’re starting nursing school soon (or coming back after a rough start) and believe it is possible to have a different nursing school experience.
  • You are driven to succeed and want to truly learn the material so you can be the best nurse you can be.
  • You love having some insider knowledge and want to walk into your first day already knowing what to expect.
  • You’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do some prep work before classes start, knowing it will pay off in the long run.
Bootcamp IS NOT for you if...
  • You expect it to make nursing school easier. Nothing will make nursing school easier, but Bootcamp does make you better equipped to rise to the challenge.
  • You’re not willing to do the work. If you’d rather completely unplug before classes start and show up on your first day completely unprepared, you do you!
  • You want to skate by and do the bare minimum to pass. 
  • You’d prefer buying into the myth that nursing school has to be horrible because it’s easier to blame outside factors than it is to take responsibility.

You've got two choices.

Choice 1:

You can choose to continue having a defeated mindset around nursing school and accept that it's going to be a nightmare no matter what. And since the overwhelm and stress are inevitable, why do any prep work? Just show up on day one and take it as it comes. 

Choice 2: 

You can embrace the belief that you can have a different nursing school experience and that your success is entirely within your control. You can choose to get excited about the fact that there are actionable, proven steps you can take that set you up to thrive in nursing school. And, you can choose to show up on your very first day having your systems in place and already knowing what to expect.

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