5 Ways Nursing Students Struggle...
And What to Do Instead!

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Struggling in nursing school CAN be avoided!

You've heard the horror stories and maybe you fully expect nursing school to be one constant struggle. Guess what? It doesn't have to be! Most of the ways students struggle are completely avoidable, and it starts with knowing where the danger zones are.


A plan for navigating nursing school like a pro

A lot of nursing school school struggles stem from simply not knowing what to expect and not having a plan. Let's change that, shall we?


Mindset shifts that can set you up for success

When you believe you're going to struggle, then your brain is going to seek out opportunities to struggle. Change how you think and you change your entire perception of nursing school.


The key personality trait that will set YOU up for nursing school success

If I had to choose ONE personality trait that sets students up for would be (tune in to find out!).

"Nurse Mo is passionate and knowledgeable about nursing, and you can tell she truly wants us to succeed! She knows how to teach in a way that's simple to understand and is always there to answer any questions you might have. Definitely recommend!"


Why do so many students struggle in nursing school?

The truth is, nursing school is simply not like the other classes you've taken. Even the brightest, most talented students can struggle if they don't know what to expect. The challenge is that once classes begin, it can be incredibly difficult to change tactics, learn new strategies, or set up systems to get back on track.

By knowing what the common struggles are ahead of time you can go into nursing school with a plan to avoid them altogether. 

A Note From The Instructor...

Hi! I'm Nurse Mo and I am passionate about helping nursing students succeed! I've been right where you are...anxious but excited about starting nursing school and convinced that the horror stories didn't have to be part of my story. 

And they don't have to be your story either.